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INNOVATEAM LIMITED is a registered company founded and based in Hong Kong, the heart of Asia. This economic capital, strategically located at the very heart of Asia allows us to be close to our production base.

We are a professional sourcing agency, composed of a diversed French and Asian team, familiar with the Asian culture and way of working.

We develop French-designed products, by bringing our “French touch” to them, we deliver our products all around the world and we aim to develop trustful partnerships with all our distributors.

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We deliver technology services
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We are a comprehensive technology company that delivers 360 solutions, digital transformation and technology services. With years of experience in product development of new technologies, our main goal is to move from ideation to execution faster.

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Our mission is to create an ecosystem around the interactive flat panel providing a screen, powerful accessories and intuitive software solutions. Among other products that we can source, we specialize and develop professional-built screens from 32’’ to 100’’ with infrared, infrared bonding and capacitive touch technology.

Interactive Flat Panel I Signage Screens I Softwares

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Hong Kong +852 2111 1287


Kowloon, HONG KONG